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Lisa has over 20 years experience in training, coaching and mentoring!

Do you want to scale your business...

without working crazy hours or hiring a bunch of people?

Get Ready to Take Control of Your Future & Go to the Next Level With Your Agency

YES! I am ready to go "all in" and X my business!

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Terry Power

Hey, Terry Power. I want you to know Agency Fast Track should be required training if you want to expand your business, if you want to scale it without getting burned out. Lisa helps you focus and decide on your why, your reason for being in business. Thanks to this program I am making more money. But even more important to me, I'm loving doing it. I'm doing things every day that I enjoy. I find myself looking forward to tomorrow to the next week to 2021 beyond. But I'd be lying if I said that the freedom that joy I feel or even the bigger income was the best thing about this course. The community, the group of people who joined me in this course are now friends for life, to whom I can go to for advice, support, and they can count on my support. We're a family now, pulling together to make each of us better. We all want each of us to succeed and they can count on that. Like I said, I should be required training for anybody who wants to expand their business.

Colan Scheidenhelm

Agency Fast Track. It's been a phenomenal course to take. Just in the 12 weeks that I've been in Agency Fast Track, I have increased our monthly recurring revenue by 35% and I've closed over $20,000 in new business.  There's not a better course that's out there in terms of gaining more confidence in sales and really taking your agency to the next level. If you have a chance to take this course dive in headfirst, it's amazing value for everything that's offered from the weekly live calls to all the homework that you're given that really just again fast tracks your business. The biggest take away from the program for me was upping my sales game. There is a great module about selling, and it really flipped my mindset. Since I adopted that, my close ratio has just skyrocketed. So if you have the opportunity to get in this program, do it, don't hesitate. Lisa and the rest of the team are just phenomenal. So shout out to Lisa. Thank you so much for the opportunity

Blow Up Your Business!

The Agency Fast Track X Success Program has been a huge success! While we gave some really great deals to our founding members, the price increased on December 1st. AND it will increase again soon!


When we launched the program in August, we made an amazing offer to our "founders" who launched with us. Our next group of Fast Trackers will join an elite group of founding members in January. 

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Get access today to gain access to our community and our Get In The Door Methods. Our weekly calls begin January 26th. But, when we reach capacity, we will close the doors again.

Weekly LIVE Interactive Open Mic Calls

Just watching videos and being left on your own won't work! We have weekly calls to make sure YOU are achieving each step.

100% Satisfaction

We have a 30-day Money Back guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Personal Attention &  Customized Content

This program is not a course. This is a highly interactive, immersive program designed to get you results. Period. 


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Mark Your Calendar!

For the first time since August 2020, we are opening up our interactive, immersive 12-week program.

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When we reach capacity, we will close the program!

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Make 2021 YOUR year!



What is the Agency Fast Track X Success program?

AFTXS is an interactive, 12-week LIVE program that breaks down false beliefs, builds confidence and turns agency owners into CEO's. Our students, known as Fast Trackers, have achieved amazing results in the program.

Lisa uses her experience, garnered from building her $3+ million dollar agency, to help you Fast Track your business.

Lisa provides everything you need to solve your biggest issues; the issues that face almost every agency, from lead generation and sales, to fulfillment and outsourcing.

The AFTXS Program Enables Fast Trackers to:

  • Shed false beliefs and bad habits
  • Create lead generating revenue streams
  • Build automated sales funnels
  • Stop working IN your business
  • Solve fulfillment & outsourcing
  • Become the CXO & Leader of their business

Stop Listening to "Gurus" That Don't Walk the Walk

I spent 8 years learning everything I know today. How? I own an agency and built it from the ground up. I stumbled and made many mistakes along the way. But I also learned how to scale my business and create a lifestyle that I had always dreamed of. After 30 years in the workforce, I still worked my business like it was a job.

Don't walk the path alone and certainly, do not walk it with someone who has never been down it before. This is a journey we will take together! I will be with you every single step of the way.



I know that starting an agency is hard! Why? Because I was there in 2011 and stumbled along the way. Thankfully, I was able to build a strong, thriving business. But it was not without many ups and downs. I wanted to quit so many times and struggles, like you may be doing now.

I want to help you skip the bumps in the road!


USE COUPON CODE: TPOW for discount!

Amazing Transformations

Fast Trackers complete the program feeling confident about the future of their business, equipped with the tools needed to scale their business.

What have some of our Fast Trackers achieved?

  • 2x, 3x and 4x revenue
  • reach 6-figures
  • work 50% less hours
  • stop working IN their business
  • create consistent leads & sales

Starts January 26th!

Don't wait to join! We open up the program to you the minute you join, so you can start going through the materials and replays. On January 26th, your LIVE sessions will start!









What do you need the most help with? 

This program will help you with sales, lead generation, scaling, increasing revenue and so much more!

Don't just take OUR word for it! We will let our Fast Trackers tell you about their experience!


Ann Premazon

Hi. This is Ann Premazon. I just wanted to say Lisa, I love you. Thank you so very much. Agency Fast Track really rocks. There's two things that I learned that were just really unbelievable for my business. One was your stair step method. I really liked how you did that. And two, I needed to kind of clean my head out and get a new perspective on some things. I have a very successful agency, and I really believe that by taking this course, I'm gonna be able to go to the next level. I can't thank you enough. I'm truly, truly grateful. Anybody that wants to know if this is a real testimonial, Just look me up - Ann Premazon. I'll tell you the truth. Lisa's no Bs. Lisa. I love you. Thank you. I'm sending you and the whole team a big Thank You.

Jason Wright

I want to give a quick testimonial about Agency Fast Track. The course really helped our business. It's a great program for an agency owner  to get in the right mindset, get the tools and mentorship needed in order to take their agency to the next level. We were able to add additional services and generate increased revenue of about 10% ... this could be applied to any type of business looking to grow or scale, plus the mentorship and coaching Lisa provides. There's no area that's left untouched. We highly recommend Lisa's course - Agency Fast Track, as it's already helped us within about eight or nine weeks to increase our revenue, map out where we're going to grow the business to its next point.

A Few Member Success Stories Below

Get ready for a little inspiration!


I am done following other gurus! Lisa is the best coach, trainer and mentor I have ever experienced. I was able to add $7k a month revenue after just two sessions in the program!


Lisa cares about your success more than anyone else I have met. It is apparent from the start. Lisa gave me the encouragement I needed to succeed by taking action!


I went from less than 20k per year to over 100k per year just by going through this program. It works! I am eternally grateful for Lisa's mentoring and this program!

Need to Make Payments?

Hey, we get it! We have a 3-pay option that will cost you slightly more but allow you 3 months to pay.

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YES! I would like to make 3 Easy Payments!


When Lisa talks, you should be listening. She knows her stuff. She has helped me 2x my revenue AND start doing what I really want to do to scale up my business.


Lisa believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. I now feel so hopeful for my future! I was able to get more done in the past 12 weeks than I have in the last year!


This course has been so helpful in getting back on track to scale my business. I am so thankful. I have a new view of my business that is helping me close more deals!

Money Back Guarantee

Sign Up Today and if after Week 4 in the program, you don't find value in the program or think it is not for you...

I will refund your money

Just Let Me Know AND I Will Give You Your Money Back


Week 4 is defined as “4 Weeks after the 1st Scheduled Call”
(sorry, if you decide to get a refund, you can’t keep the bonuses)

YES! I want to attend the first 4 weeks without risk!

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