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About Us

Agency Fast Track was designed by Agency Owners who, like you, have started from nothing to build a business. Lisa Parziale co-founded her agency in 2011, her plan to escape Corporate America. As a 6-figure earner in her "day job," Lisa had to ramp up her business quickly if she wanted to exit the day to day grind. Lisa quit her corporate executive gig in 2014 and has gone from nothing to over 3 million dollars. 

Click the link below to read Lisa's encouraging story. It is an inspiring book with raw, candid stories and admissions that prove anyone can succeed, with an open mind and a little change.

The Habit of Now (Coming Soon)

Lisa's Agency

Lisa co-founded Portside Marketing, LLC with her wife in order to escape Corporate America. The main products Portside sells are website design, logo design, print and SEO. Using unique selling techniques, Lisa has found a way that makes sales easier and more impactful for her business and her customers.

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About the AFT Team

The AFT team is a mix of old and new. Lisa depends on her staff from Portside Marketing, along with a few new faces that came on board to help with this massive success program. Want to meet the team?

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