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Raise Your Price Guide
for SEO's, Web Developers & Digital Marketing Agencies

Learn How Your Can Work Less To Make More Money

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I raised my prices 25X... and now work LESS!

No hype. No BS. My name is Lisa Parziale and I own a digital marketing agency in North Texas. I grew my agency from zero to over 3 Million Dollars. I struggled to grow in the beginning until I learned one key thing - I was charging way too little for my services.

Inside this FREE, powerful guide, you'll learn:


☑ Why Charging More Is Better for Your Customer

☑ Why You Should Invest In Your Business

☑ Why Your Beliefs May Be Holding You Back

☑ How To Effectively Increase Prices


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You can AND your customers will thank you for it.

It's a myth that clients only want the lowest price they can get.

In this guide, I will tell you exactly why raising your prices is a win for you and your customers.

Charging what your service is worth is key to having a balanced business. You know, one where you don't work a thousand hours a week and pull your hair out!

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