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Every business needs a highly effective lead generation strategy that attracts ideal customers...

Imagine your business growing with a steady flow of new customers calling you, eager to buy what you offer...

How would that change your business... or even your life?


Watch this 5 minute video explaining how our new Agency Immersive Boot Camp can get your lead gen strategy on the Fast Track to Success




The #1 question I get asked over and over again is...

"Lisa, what is your #1 lead generation method?"


I always answer the same way. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


In fact, Search Engine Optimization accounts for the majority of new business in my company. And while I do employ several other methods, SEO is still my #1 lead generation method hands down. Every single week, I get calls and people filling out my online forms inquiring about the services I offer.

Why is SEO so effective?

It's simple. SEO gets your business in front of customers who are actively searching for your services.



SEO Accounts for Over 70% of My New Leads

I have tried just about every lead generation method you can think of. Cold email, direct mail, Facebook and Google ads, LinkedIn, printing, directory listing sites. You name it, I tried it. Many of those methods worked but none of them offered large amounts of traffic regularly.

In 2015 I started paying attention to my own website and started performing SEO when I could. I would do a little here and there, until I started seeing my site gaining positions. The higher ranking I achieved, the more calls and people inquiring through forms on my website.

SEO simply works.

And unlike other methods, which felt like "fishing," SEO provided a higher quality lead. The folks searching for web design, logo design, SEO and the things I offer are actively looking to hire someone in most cases.

These customers are already looking for you. Make it easier for them and help them find you with a highly optimized website.



What Happens If You Don’t SEO Your Own Website?

  • You miss out on people who are searching for what you sell
  • You are not leveraging your credibility in your community
  • Your competition is getting all of the "easy traffic"
  • You are working harder using other more difficult methods
  • You don't get a steady FLOW of traffic that leads to customers
  • Your phone rings less...
  • And your wallet is likely thinner! 

What does SEO do for me?

It provides a steady stream of future customers for my business by getting me to the top of almost every search in my local area...




(often daily)

Plus, I get phone calls directly from customers, not just the  form inquiries.

All the time. Like clockwork.



Every one of these is a real customer...

Who is actively searching for a solution to their problem. And they contacted me.

All I have to do is close them. They're already hot leads! 

So when I contact them, they are typically very easy to help and I close most of these deals and earn a new customer.

People search for all of these services each and every day

Website Design
Logo Design
Search Engine Optimization
Print Marketing
Social Media
And more...

And guess who pops up in the searches? You guessed it. ME.

We get new inquiries almost every single day.

While I do employ other methods, the #1 lead generation for me is SEO.

SEO fills my sales funnel. Period.




Learn step-by-step how to rank your website... this is exactly what you need to get in position to garner leads on auto-pilot!

In just 4 short weeks, you'll accomplish these things:

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Setup a NEW Website The Right Way 

If you don't have a website, we have a bonus section you can go through to learn how to setup a website fully optimized for SEO. If you do have a website, you still may learn a few things. You can skip this section if you are an experience web dev.

β˜‘ Domain Purchase & DNS Configuration

β˜‘ Hosting Selection & Setup

β˜‘ Wordpress Install & Configuration

β˜‘ These Installation & Setup (Divi)

β˜‘ Publishing Your New Website


πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Website Setup & Structure

How you setup your website structure, link structure, and page structure is vital to  quick SEO ranking. In this section we'll cover everything you need to do and show you exactly how to setup a well-optimized Agency Website.

β˜‘ Site Structure for SEO

β˜‘ Content Basics

β˜‘ Site Speed & Performance

β˜‘ Hosting Matters


πŸ‘‰πŸ½ SEO Strategy & Optimization Basics

Strategy is the #1 tool I use for SEO success. I'll show you the exact way I plan, implement and start optimizing every site.

β˜‘ Site Structure for SEO

β˜‘ Local SEO vs Organic

β˜‘ On-Page Structure

β˜‘ Content Silos

β˜‘ Images & Video Optimization


πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Link Building

Link building is important in any SEO Campaign. Google rewards trust and one of the easiest ways to garner that trust is with quality links and a strong link strategy. I'll show you how to gain easy links that help you to start building your Google authority quickly.

β˜‘ Quality vs Quantity

β˜‘ Internal Links

β˜‘ External Links

β˜‘ Site Traffic


πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Lead Generation System

Setting up a proper lead generation system is key. If you build it, they will come. Then what? I'll show you how to create an easy, effective lead gen system that will set you up for closing deals.

β˜‘ Calls to Action

β˜‘ Follow-up Sequences

β˜‘ Customer Nurturing

β˜‘ Automation with AgencyRemix



After 4 weeks, you'll have a strong foundation you can keep building on. Your Agency Website will become your #1 lead generation system that generates traffic to your business.






Implementing SEO for your own agency not only builds confidence, it gives you the skills to sell SEO and deliver the service for your customers!



I've Used SEO to Get Attain Customers for These Services


  • SEO (of course)
  • Website Design
  • Hosting
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic design


  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • SaaS Services
  • Social Media
  • Video Production


  • Print Marketing
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Blogging / Writing
  • And more!


Want a taste of what you'll get?

Here is a session where I helped someone in the community plan for starting his own agency!

This is the session that prompted the boot camp - Brandon asked me how he could get leads like I do and start his brand/business in a way that would be effective. This is just the tip of what Brandon needs to do - so we are going to do an Immersive SEO Boot Camp to help folks get their websites ranking for key terms quickly.




I hear it again and again, "New businesses cannot afford to hire us or won't want to spend what we charge."

Nope. Not true!

I have been hired by brand new businesses to not only build a high-dollar website, but then perform SEO for thousands of dollars a month. While there are some smaller budget clients that contact you, there are just as many with big budgets that are ready to spend.




What Happens If You Don’t SEO Your Own Website?

  • You are missing out on people who are searching for what you sell
  • You are not leveraging your credibility in your community
  • Your competition is getting all of the "easy traffic"
  • You are working harder using other more difficult methods




Website Design is VERY Lucrative and... 
leads to SEO customers!


I get PAID to prospect!

Website design by itself is very lucrative. I make a solid 6-figure income just on the website design portion of my business. But the cool part is, many of those customers become SEO customers as well. Why is that important?

Not many people search for SEO. While I will get a new SEO customer from time to time via search, it is not often. But the website customers ask me all the time when we are finished.... how do I get found online.

(note that 3 out of 4 of the new inquiries below did NOT ask for SEO)



Yes! I want my website to bring me customers via SEO!

I ranked theΒ "test site" to page one during the first boot camp...

As I taught the program, I built a new site on a brand new domain. Watch this video to see howΒ effective this boot camp can be.

Hint... we have 3 spots on PAGE 1 and already moving up on GBP.


You get it all for only one payment of: $397

4 weeks, 8 sessions and a step-by-step set of instructions you can use again and again...


Where do you want to be in 4 weeks? I know where I'll be... marching to the top of the SERPS for my brand new website I'll do live on the calls.

Have Questions?

If you have a question not covered above, feel free. to reach out to me. I answer every single question personally. You should see a popup on the bottom right where you can get in touch. Just click on my face or anywhere in that box.

Why attend this boot camp?

SEO Leads to a Steady Flow of Customers

Focus on building one of the best Lead Generation methods for Web Design + SEO.

Stop looking for the easy button and instead, push the guaranteed leads button! When you are on page one, you get leads!




YES! I want a steady flow of customers!

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