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 JANUARY 18-21, 2024

Virtual Success Conference for SEOs, Web Developers & Agencies

Want to make 2024 one of your best years ever? Join us for the event of the year!

Stop struggling and start gaining clarity on how success happens.

This virtual event is designed to FAST TRACK YOUR BUSINESS, drive success, and position you to have your Best Year Ever in 2024. Our smashing lineup of presenters, trainers, and influencers, who we refer to as Impact Coaches, are some of the smartest people in our industry.

Make no mistake, while this conference is virtual, it's going to be one of the best conferences you'll ever attend.

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Make 2024 your most successful year to date by joining us for an impactful success conference!










Invest in yourself and your success today.
Limited VIP Tickets Available

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Fast Track Ticket



For a limited time!

  JANUARY 19, 20, & 21

  • Interactive Virtual Conference Center (browser or app versions available)
  • 3 days of fun, learning, and interactive networking activities
  • 21 master class¬†sessions
  • 21¬†Impact Coaches
  • Interactive activities to build your¬†Success Tribe
  • Session recordings included in price
  • Session¬†slides/handouts
  • Only¬†300¬†conference tickets¬†total will be sold

VIP Ticket + Access



For a limited time!

 JANUARY 18, 19, 20, & 21

  • Everything in the standard conference ticket
  • Extra VIP day on the 18th with focus¬†panels
  • Exclusive, private VIP floor in the virtual conference center
  • Daily VIP¬†networking with coaches & other VIPs
  • 1-Year Virtual Office Access with Lisa + Team
  • Lisa's hand-written session notes w/comments
  • 30-day check-in session with Q&A¬†for VIPs¬†with¬†the coaches
  • Step-by-step guides from¬†select sessions
  • Only 40 VIP tickets¬†total will be sold

Recordings Only



For a limited time!


  • Recordings will be available¬†to view starting¬†January 29th
  • No access to virtual event or event center
  • Session slides/handouts
  • Only¬†100¬†recording packages¬†total will be sold

Limited VIP Tickets Available

A virtual experience like you've never experienced!

I love being at conferences live. But I know there are folks that imply need to go virtually.

So I created a conference that is totally virtual.

Unlike anything you have ever experienced.

What you can expect:

  • Highly interactive virtual networking
  • Fun networking activities
  • Games & fun activities
  • Access to the conference center 24/7 to network and meet
  • Hang out for Fireside Chats and special events at night (or in the AM depending where you live)
  • For VIPs (bonus) you get to graduate to LIsa's executive¬†floor and hang out there for a year - access to her, her team and her friends (think Impact Coaches)


Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever

What you do in January will often determine your level of success in that year!

What you do in January is important and will set you up for success or failure in 2024. It's the MOST important month of the year in business.
Having the right tools, training, and resources can be the difference between $100k and $1-million or working 80 hours a week or 20.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you want your 2024 to look like?
  • Do you know everything you need to know?
  • Are you missing tools, training, or processes?
  • Do you have a success tribe?
  • Will you leave your success to chance?

Agency Fast Track 2024 is the first event of the year that will set the tone for your success. And boy do we have a action-packed, highly impactful event planned.

And this virtual conference will help you build your tribe.
Your "tribe" is often the catalyst to success. Surround yourself with a tribe of like-minded success partners. We're even going to help you make those connections in our interactive, highly-effective networking activities.

Meet Your 2024 Success Team - Your Impact Coaches!

I have invited some of my own mentors and influencers to join me in the first-ever Agency Fast Track Virtual Conference. My goal is simple. Create an event that sets the tone and success for the new year.
Every Impact Coach is not only selected for their success or expertise, but also for how well we thought they could help our community. Each session will leave you with actionable steps you can take and implement immediately. No pitching. Period.

Every Impact Coach was selected because they have impacted MY life and business throughout the years. Mentors, colleagues and friends - all who were a part of my journey that shaped my success.


Lisa Parziale
Host & Impact Coach

Keith Heeres
Host & Panelist

Jennifer Stowers
Host & Panelist

DC "The Brain" Glenn
Keynote Speaker

Kate Buck Jr
Keynote Speaker

Roger Bryan
Keynote Speaker

Brian Kato
Impact Coach

Lee Witcher
Impact Coach

Manick Bhan
Impact Coach

Patric Shannon
Impact Coach

Ted Kubaitis
Impact Coach

Dori Friend
Impact Coach

Carolyn Holzman
Impact Coach

Terry Power
Impact Coach

Holly Starks
Impact Coach

Jason Wright
Impact Coach

Honey Witcher
Impact Coach

Patrick Tuttle
Impact Coach

Danny Rios
Impact Coach

Terry Samuels
Impact Coach

Maj Hussain
Impact Coach

Eean Ovens
Impact Coach

Chad Michael Lawson
Impact Coach

Meet Your VIP Day Panelists

VIP day will be one-of-a-kind with networking opportunities and special VIP panelists! VIP day is only for those that purchase the VIP Ticket. This will be a very intimate day - with mastermind panels and VIP events.

Alicia R. Thompson
Fireside Chat - VIP Day

Former WNBA - Champion

Brian Hong
Panelist - VIP Day

Lead Gen Panel

Kevin Roy
Panelist - VIP Day

Lead Gen Panel

Elisabeth Samuels
Panelist - VIP Day

Website Design Panel


Clint Butler
Panelist - VIP Day

SEO Panel

Eldar Cohen
Panelist - VIP Day

 SEO Panel

What is an Impact Coach and why do they make this event so special?

Our speaker sand presenters are call Impact Coaches...

Speakers and presenters of course are needed at any event. And I have been a speaker, mentor, trainer and coach in many facets of my career. While planning this event though (the concept was born in 2022), it was clear that we did not want to be like everyone else.
Our goal is to impact you or your business in a way that will be the catalyst for success in 2024.
Hence, the term Impact Coach was coined and it gave us a clear vision as to how we would select and work with each coach so their session transforms you and your business ins some way.

We started selecting Impact Coaches in April. Each time a coach is selected, we add them to a group where we have been brainstorming and masterminding this event.
Every single session has been vetted by not only me (Lisa) but also by the entire coaching team. We're looking for how each session will impact the attendee and working to ensure your take away is actionable.

You are going to be blown away by the quality and value of this event and how much impact it will make in your business in 2024.

"Leadership comes in many forms but in its truest form, it's about impact, influence and inspiration."

- Lisa Parziale

Highly Impactful VIRTUAL NETWORKING Activities Like Never Before

 One of the big reasons we go to live events is for the networking. Let's face it, some of the BEST conversations happen at dinner and in the bar. But we have had our thinking caps on and have created a virtual space like no other before. And, we're setting up some super cool, highly impactful networking events you won't want to miss.


Hear from powerful Impact Coaches

While we love "speakers" and believe that they can be powerful, we have selected a diverse group of highly successful, smart "impact coaches" to create a stunning lineup of sessions designed for only one purpose - to make 2024 the best year you've ever had. This will be unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Learn cutting-edge new tools & skills

If we did not bring you some of the sick new tools we have discovered, along with our Impact Coaches, then we would not be cool. Don't worry, you are going to learn about some hot new tools and how to use them in your business. Many of the new tools are FREE but some are paid tools. We cut through what you need vs nice to have.

Network & Build Your Success Tribe

Conferences are awesome and one of the main reasons we go is to network. We have a cutting-edge new virtual conference center where we will have impactful networking opportunities for you to make connections and build your tribe. A tribe can help you achieve levels you often cannot on your own.

Mark your calendars for THE event of 2024

A virtual conference for SEOs, Web Developers & Agencies









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